May 2014   Next Generation

Moments before hitting the stage, the band was forced to improvise an instrumental set after vocalist, Jeff and future wife Amanda ventured out for the birth of their first child, a happy and healthy baby boy.  The following week brought the exciting news that guitarist, Dave and his wife Jade are expecting their first child as well.  These little ones join Will and Catherine's lovely girls as the next generation.

It is a fun and busy time right now.  Still, the band plays on.  New songs are in the works and new gigs are being booked.

January, 2014   General News

It has been fairly busy so far this year.  A handful of new gigs are  booked (see the events pane).  We are going to have T-shirts made and are preparing to release a new Demo CD.  Expect these to be available around mid February.

November 30, 2013    Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who came out for a great night of black Friday music at Broadway Joe's.  We had a blast closing out the night and thoroughly enjoyed the preceding bands.  We are currently working on some shows for early 2014.  Keep an eye on our events pane or like us on Facebook to be notified of updates.

November 05, 2013    Show Announcement !

For the Music Productions presents: Evolution Protocol, Dredneks, Necktie Tourniquet, & Sic Sin at Broadway Joe's.  EP will be playing a longer set than previous shows.  See our Facebook page or click the event link to the right for more details.

September 05, 2013    New Music

To celebrate our 100th like on Facebook we have released our second song from the upcoming album.  Check the audio page or social media to listen to Lurking Fear.

September 03, 2013    Show Announcement !

Returning to the stage since 2009, we are excited to annouce our upcoming show at Broadway Joe's on Friday Sept 20th.  Check out the details at the right or on our social media sites.

August 26, 2013    New Music

We have just released our first audio track from our recording. Check the audio page or social media to listen to Dystopia.